8 Man (Japanese: エイトマン Eitoman Eightman) is a 1960s sci-fi featuring 8 Man, who is considered Japan's earliest robotic superhero. The series, produced by Eiken with the TCJ Animation Center, was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System, and ran from November 17, 1963 to December 31, 1964, with a total of 56 episodes (plus the "farewell" special episode, "Goodbye, Eightman"). 8 Man himself is considered a possible insperation behind RoboCop.


Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. He shifts himself into Yokoda, this time christening himself as "Hachiro Azuma". He keeps this identity a secret, known only to Tani and his police boss Chief Tanaka. Even his girlfriend Sachiko and friend Ichiro do not know he is an android.


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Yokoda (8 Man)

Version DifferencesEdit

In North America the show is called 8th Man, and the android/detective is named Tobor (Robot spelled backwards).



Broadcast HistoryEdit

TBS (Nobember 17, 1963 to December 31, 1964)


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