Dinosaur Fiction is a genre of fiction featuring Dinosaurs. With what we know about Dinosaurs coming from fossils and new discovers being made some depictions prove to be outside the accepted theories concerning prehistoric life. For example, it was theorized, and accepted as fact, that the T-Rex would be unable to see something standing still- it sounds silly now but such belief was common before the theory was objected to. With no (widely accepted) eye witness accounts Dinosaurs can be of any color or have any sound the writers of Dinosaur Fiction desire till some solid evidence to the contrary surfaces. Dinosaur Fiction soared during the 1980s and the 1990s and for many fans remains a strong genre. When it comes to the naming of characters a common method, especially for fiction geared towards a young audiance, is to name characters in reference to what they are; for example- Cera the Triceratops, Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Allo the Allosaurus. Though exceptions exist, like Denver or Gertie. Dinosaur Fiction typically takes place during the 'Age of the Dinosaurs' or 'Prehistoric Times' in general though their are exceptions. At times the genre crosses into Time Travel Fiction.

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