Cinderella In The West

English Release

Cinderella in the Far West
(French: Cendrillon au Far West) is a 2012 animated picture directed by Pascal Herold. Essentually it tells an action packed version of the fairy tale, Cinderella, in the form of a western. The film was released to theaters on July 25, 2012. It was produced by Herold & Family, along with uFilm.


French CastEdit

  • Alexandra Lamy  : Cinderella
  • Antoine de Caunes  : Prince Vladimir
  • Yolande Moreau  : Felicity
  • Michel Boujenah  : Little Smoke
  • Isabelle Nanty  : La Grande Duchesse
  • Philippe Peythieu  : Barbazul, Sheriff, Elegant
  • Véronique Augereau  : Harmony, Earthwatch crappy
  • Audrey Lamy  : Melody
  • Hervé Lassince  : Dark Lopez, the Bobs




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