Bold the English Name/Translated name of the picture (Lang:Title in native language) then go on to discribe the year it was released, and add additional details. Provide an image on the right of the page of either a screen shot, promotional, or theatrical poster.


Provide a summary of the film's plot.


Talk about the production, perhaps the film experimented with a new technique, or was posponed due to some major event. When discribing this you may need to cite your sources. [1] To cite a source simply put a number embraced by two bracets, like so. [#]


How was the work recieved? Did it cause some controversy at the time of release?

Awards, and HonorsEdit

Any awards? List them here along with the year, and place, they were awarded.

Viewing Link(s)Edit

Provide a link for free viewing. ON the condition that such material is not pornographic in nature.

Film Name+Link (Native Language)

Film Name+Link (Native Language, English Subtitles)

Film Name+Link (English Release)

Wiki LinkEdit

Is their a wiki devoted to this work of animation? If so provide a link to that community.

Source LinksEdit

Here place your citations in a numbered list. The number being the same as the number given for the citation.

  1. Name of Source+Link to Source

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