Heroes Verdaderos is an Animated historical fiction drama set during the Mexican War for Independence. The film is directed by Carlos Kuri and was released in September of the year 2010. It has a run time of 100 minutes.

Overview Edit

The film is set during the Mexican War of Independence as seen through the eyes of an indigenous family: the young Mixcóatl, his brawny brother Tahatsi, his quick-thinking sister Tonatsin, her Spanish novio Carlos, and their mestizo half-brother Xama, who betrays the family. Xama kills their grandfather and blames it on Mixcóatl, who must go into hiding with his best friend Carlos. When they seek refuge in a church run by the progressive priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo (an actual historical figure), the whole family is swept up into the cause for independence, except the half-brother Xama, who is reluctantly recruited to the loyalist army.

Cast and Characters Edit

Production Edit

Sources Edit

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