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Martin Mystery (French: Martin Mystère) is an animated Sci-Fi Horror Comedy series based on the Italian Comic of the same name. It was published by French animation studio, Marathon Media Group, and the Canadian production animation studio Image Entertainment Corporation with Tatusko animation of Japan. Over the show's three year run it would be produced in Paris, and Quebec with English voice acting from Toronto, Canada; airing 66 episodes.

Plot Edit

The main characters of the comic (Martin Mystery, and his fiancée, later wife, Diana Lombard) are reimagined as 16 year old siblings working for an organization known as "The Center" which protects the Earth from supernatural, and extra-terrestrial threats by discovering it's presence, concealing the truth, and handling the threat. This usually means whipping the memories of anyone who comes into contact with such entities. The two work with the caveman Java, and little green alien Blinky. In the original comic Martin Mystery worked to uncover the secrets concealed by the mysterious Man in Black, and his organization that pretty much does what "The Center" does in this series.

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