Tetsuwan Atom Uchuu no Yuusha Mighty Atom the brave in space 1964

Mighty Atom, the Brave in Space (Japanese: Tetsuwan Atom: Uchuu no Yuusha) is a Japanese feature film released exclusively in Japan. The film is three episodes of the 1960s Astro Boy TV series combined into one flowing feature film narrative. These episodes are The Robot SpaceshipLast Day on Earth and Earth Defense Squadron. the latter of which serves as the climax of the film. It was published on the 29th of July in the year 1964 and has a run time of 87 minutes.

Plot Edit

In the year 2004 [1] .... (I don't understand Japanese please help)

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Sources Edit

  1. Trailer; 鉄腕アトム 宇宙の勇者

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