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SilverHawks is a 1986 animated TV series distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures and produced by Rankin/Bass Productions though the animation it's self was done by the Pacific Animation Corporation, a Japanese company. In the series a band of bionic space cops fight against the mob forces of Mon*Star, and his henchies. Their cybernetics came from the need to survive warp speeds [?]. The series ran 65 episodes of 23 minutes length each from September 8, 1986 to December 5, 1986 on First-run syndication.

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Main SilverHawks Edit

  • Commander Stargazer with Sly-Bird
  • Quicksilver with Tally-Hawk
  • Bluegrass with Sideman
  • Steelheart with Rayzor
  • Steelwill with Stronghold
  • The Copper Kidd with Mayday

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A comic series by Marvel

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SilverHawks Wiki

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