Space Angel title card

Space Angel is an Animated Science Fiction TV show produced by Cambria Productions in the United States of America. The show makes use of Synco-Vox animation, and aired episodes in segments of five minutes each from 1962 on into 1964. The series serializes the adventures of three astronauts who work for the Earth Bureau of Investigation's Interplanetary Space Force on board the spaceship Starduster:

Characters Edit

Scott McCloud, Space Angel (Voice Actor) -

Episodes Edit

  1. Abominable Moon Men
  2. Big Bertha
  3. Crystal's Anti Boy Friend
  4. Power Failure
  5. Space Hijackers (Solar Mirror)
  6. The First Episode
  7. Project Hero
  8. The Frozen Planet
  9. Wizard of Eden
  10. The Plagued Plant
  11. The Donovan Plan
  12. The Plot
  13. Name Rank and Serial Number
  14. They Went That A'Way
  15. Scratch One Chimp
  16. Red Alert
  17. Incident of the Loud Planet
  18. The Day the Earth Went Dark
  19. Once Upon a Rainbow
  20. Welcome Neighbor
  21. Meets a Devil
  22. How to Win a Space Race Without Really Trying
  23. The Gold City Blues
  24. The Not So Mythical Beast
  25. Expedition to a New Moon
  26. Crisis in Orbit
  27. Gopher Broke
  28. Conflict Nova
  29. Cosmic Combat
  30. The Gladiators
  31. The Light Barrier
  32. The Slave World
  33. Dr. Kinkaid I Presume
  34. The Exiles
  35. The Saucer Caper
  36. Death of a Galaxy
  37. The Little People
  38. There Goes Danny
  39. The Visitor from Outer Space
  40. Rescue Mission
  41. Space War
  42. Dragon Fire
  43. Flight of Hotshots
  44. The Fugitives
  45. The Encoder
  46. --
  47. --
  48. --
  49. --
  50. --
  51. --
  52. --
  53. --
  54. The Ghost and Crystal Mace

Sources Edit

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