La Leyenda De La Llorona DVD cover

The Legend of the Weeping Woman (Spanish: La Leyenda de la Llorona) is a 2011 Mexican animated adventure-comedy-horror where in a San Juan, Sir Andres, and others from The Legend of Nahuala travel to the village of Xochimilco in order to handle it's haunting by the spirit of the Weeping Woman, who abducts children late at night. The film was produced by Ánima Estudios, and Eficine 226 with a run time of 81 minutes.

Plot Edit

Sequel Edit

The Legend of the Weeping Woman is followed by 2014's The Legend of the Unsought Mummies (La Leyenda de las Momias).

Cast Edit

  • Leo San Juan: Yair Prado
  • Don Andres/Pujo: Andres Couturier
  • Alebrije: Rafael Inclan
  • Kika: Monica Del Carmen
  • Beto: Erick Canete
  • Rosa (Beto and Kika's mom): Rosario Zuniga
  • Teodora: Mayte Cordeiro
  • Yoltzin: Mercedes Hernandez
  • La Llorona: Rocio Lara
  • Willy/Padre Godofredo: Miguel Couturier
  • Pecas/Finado: Jesus Guzman
  • Leo's Mom: Valeria Russek
  • Padre Tello/Tiro: Humberto Solorzano
  • Moribunda: Romina Marroquin
  • Guide voice Alebrije: Carlos Del Campo

Sources Edit

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