The Norfin Adventures (also known as Norfin Adventures) is an animated direct to video adventure series inspired by the Troll Doll toy product. The series follows a group of good Norfins (original trolls) who seek to acquire Olaf's Opal, the key to Unlimited power before the evil Norfin, Dr. Doom; can acquire it. The series aired one pilot episode in Syndication on October 31, 1993 [1] but didn't manage to gain a broadcaster [?]. Despite this episodes where released to video by Family Home Entertainment (f.h.e) between the years 1993 and 1994. Each short lasts for about 28 minutes.

Characters Edit



two other Norfins make up the main cast

Series Installments Edit

The Norfin Adventures - The Great Egg Robbery

The Norfin Adventures - A Norfin Noel

The Norfin Adventures - Castle of Doom

Production Edit

Sources Edit

  1. Encyclopedia of Television Pilots (1937 - 2012) page 212

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