Wacky blackout 1942

Wacky Blackout is a 1942 World War 2 Era comedic short film on emergency preparedness.

Summary Edit

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Wacky Blackout

Production Edit

Wacky Blackout is a Warner Brothers Production.

Cast Edit

  • Mel Blanc as the Narrator, Baby Cow, Turkey, Turtle, Caterpillar, Firefly, Baby Bird, Delivery Person, Pa Pigeon, Old Tom
  • Sara Berner as the Cow, Mother Bird, Ma Pigeon
  • Kent Rogers as the Dog, the Woodpecker, the Turtle

Crew Edit

  • Director: Robert Clampett
  • Producer: Leon Schlesinger
  • Writer: Warren Foster
  • Musical Direction: Carl W. Stalling
  • Orchestrator: Milt Franklyn
  • Film Editor: Treg Brown
  • Sound Effects: Treg Brown
  • Animation: Sidney Sutherland and Rod Scribner

Sources Edit

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