Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch is an animated TV series that aired thirteen half-hour episodes on NBC from September 7, 1974 to August 30, 1975. The show ran opposite The Buggs Bunny Show. Wheelie is the only Hanna-Barbera production to have no humans, or animals, in it. Wheelie often 'imitates' the chimes use by the NBC network at the time.

What is the show about?Edit


Captain Tough - A hulking police car.

Chopper - Leader of the Chopper Bunch, he is jealous of Wheelie, and has a spiked helmet for a head.

Fishtail - Motorcycle Cop.

Hi-Riser - Tall body, small brains.

Revs - A sputtering three wheeled motorbike who often mixes up his words.

Rota Ree - Wheelie's Girlfriend.

Scrambles - A mini-bike who seems to be a small kid caught in the wrong crowd.

Wheelie - a Red Volkswagon Beetle, he makes a living as a race, and stunt car.


Three 6 minute segments per 30 minute episodes

  1. WCB-1. Get a Doctor / A Day at the Beach / Ghost Riders (September 7, 1974)
  2. WCB-2. Double Cross Country / The Stunt Show / Razzle Dazzle Paint Job (September 14, 1974)
  3. WCB-3. The Autolympics / The Delivery Service / The Infiltrator (September 21, 1974)
  4. WCB-4. The Big Bumper / Surprise Party / On the Town (September 28, 1974)
  5. WCB-5. Black Belt Fuji / Our Hero / Wheelie Goes Hawaiian (October 5, 1974)
  6. WCB-6. The Inspection / The Old Timer / The Copter Caper (October 12, 1974)
  7. WCB-7. Dr. Crankenstein / Bulldozer Buddy / Happy Birthday Wheelie (October 19, 1974)
  8. WCB-8. Wheelie, The Super Star / Down on the Farm / Roadeo (October 26, 1974)
  9. WCB-9. Carfucios Says / Mighty Wheelie / Camping With a Go Go (November 2, 1974)
  10. WCB-10. Lenny Van Limousine / Snow Foolin / Wheelie in Paris (November 9, 1974)
  11. WCB-11. Dragster Net / Dragula / Boot Camp (November 16, 1974)
  12. WCB-12. Dr Cykll and Mr. Ryde / Johnny Crash / Wheelie and the Smoke Eater (November 23, 1974)
  13. WCB-13. Friday the Thirteenth / Wings of Wheelie / Wheelie's Clean Sweep (November 30, 1974)

Voice CastEdit


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