Your safety first

Your Safety First is a 1956 American animation about the evolution of the automobile and it's various safety features with an emphasis on safety innovations to come in the 21st Century.

Summary Edit

The short opens up to a resident of Futureville at work reading an interactive newspaper that was published on the 5th of October in the year 2000. Upon seeing an advertisement for the upcoming 2001 Turbopusher II he asks his secretary how long he's had his old car to which she uses a computer to get the answer. After this his shift ends and he makes his way home using a built in calling system to communicate with other drivers and a push button interface to direct his car. Once home he has a meal of condensed food tablets with his family before they all set together to watch three dimensional television. After the western feature concludes they view a program brought to them by 21st Century Automobiles which describes the history of the automobile and the company's promise to continue to provide safety to it's customers begins. It is hosted by a three dimensional interactive host.

Viewing Link Edit

Your Safety First

Production Edit

The film was produced by the Automobile Manufacturer's Association.

Sources Edit

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